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How do you treat vocal cord edema?

How do you treat vocal cord edema?

Treatment of Reinke’s edema involves

  1. Control of acid reflux with diet modification and anti-reflux medication.
  2. Smoking cessation is paramount for control of this disease process. Stopping smoking will not reverse changes in the vocal folds. However it may stop further polypoid changes from occurring.

How do I get rid of Reinkeal edema?

Treatment. The first step in treating Reinke’s edema is to eliminate or control those risk factors that are causing the disease. This includes the cessation of smoking, the control of gastric reflux using antacids and/or Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), and the discontinuation of activities that cause vocal distress.

What causes vocal cord edema?

Common Causes Reinke’s edema is caused by vocal fold irritation from voice misuse, smoking, and/or conditions that irritate the vocal folds, such as backflow of stomach fluids to the voice box (laryngopharyngeal reflux).

Is Reinke’s edema permanent?

Reinke’s edema develops slowly. Reinke’s edema is usually identified in patients age 40 and 60 years. However, since Reinke’s edema is a gradual, progressive condition, newly diagnosed patients have actually been experiencing the build-up of gelatinous fluid within their vocal folds for many years.

Why is my voice raspy with Reinke’s edema?

A change in a vocal fold causes change in vocal fold vibration. The vocal fold swelling makes the superficial lamina propria (Reinke’s space) stiff, thus reducing vocal fold vibration – hence voice changes and/or problems. (For more information, see Anatomy & Physiology of Voice Production.) Patients usually have a low, raspy, or rough voice.

What do you need to know about Reinke’s edema?

“Reinke’s space” is a layer of the vocal folds that is important in sound production. Reinke’s edema describes excess tissue in this area, causing the appearance of vocal fold polyps. Voice changes, in which females are often mistaken for males, is a hallmark of this disease. Reinke’s edema – Polypoid changes of both vocal folds.

When to start voice therapy for vocal fold edema?

After a period of voice rest, work on intensive voice therapy with a specialized therapist should begin. This is especially important in the postoperative phase because patients with vocal fold edema have ingrained vocal pressure patterns acquired over many years.

When do you get Reinke’s edema in your throat?

They are prone to reinke’s edema in the following cases: 1 When resuming their work after a recovery from pharyngitis; 2 Sore throat. 3 Smoking for a long time, which can also thicken the cords. 4 Acid reflux, i.e. acid entering your pharynx from your esophagus. This might burn your cords, causing edema of the vocal… More