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How do you print a variable in Python 3?

How do you print a variable in Python 3?

See online demo and code You can see, three string variables are displayed by using print function. Each variable is separated by a comma. In the output, space is added automatically. This is due to the parameter sep = ”, as shown in the syntax of the print function.

How do you print a variable type in Python?

In Python, to get the type of an object or determine whether it is a specific type, use the built-in functions type() and isinstance() .

Can print be used as a variable in Python?

The print statement can be used to print variables, strings, and the other data types provided in Python. We can print different data types in Python’s single statement by separating the data types or variables with the , symbol. We will show different methods to print a variable in Python.

How do you print a variable inside a string in Python?

Use an f-string to print a variable with a string Within a print() statement, add f before a string literal and insert {var} within the string literal to print the string literal with the variable var inserted at the specified location. print(f”There are {a_variable} people coming.”)

How to print Python version in Stack Overflow?

This prints the full version information string. If you only want the python version number, then Bastien Léonard’s solution is the best. You might want to examine the full string and see if you need it or portions of it. This will return a current python version in terminal. Nice and simple!

How to print a variable and a string in Python?

For example the first string is “I have”, the second string is “US Dollars” and the variable, **card.price** is equal to 300, we can write the code this way: ”’ print(“I have”, card.price, “US Dollars”) #The print () function outputs strings to the screen.

How to check the version of Python in a script?

If you get the version number in the script, you can not only display it with print (), but you can also switch the code to be executed depending on the version. If you want to check the version of the package, OS, etc. instead of the version of Python itself, see the following articles.

Which is the best way to make a variable in Python?

You can either use the f-string or .format () methods If you are using python 3.6 or latest, f-string is the best and easy one You would first make a variable: for example: D = 1. Then Do This but replace the string with whatever you want: On a current python version you have to use parenthesis, like so :