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How do you make money on Flitto?

How do you make money on Flitto?

How much money can you earn with Flitto? Flitto works with a point system, where 1 USD equals 1,450 points. When you participate in an event, for each sentence you translate, you earn 100 points (0,07 USD). So to earn 1.03 USD you need to translate 15 sentences.

How do you use Flitto?

Just go to the Flitto tab and click on the “Practice and become a translator!” Take the test and you’re set! You’ll start receiving translation requests from other users to earn Flitto Points. 9. Once you’re done with our training test, you’ll start receiving translation requests by other users.

What is Flitto app?

Flitto (Hangul: 플리토) is a global crowdsourcing translation platform (iOS, Android, web), where you can request translations as you need or become a translator if you can speak more than one language. Flitto provides human-powered translations.

What do you need to know about Flitto translation service?

Flitto’s Professional Translation service supports a “memo” function where clients can pass on their notes upon translation requests and a “real-time chat” function where clients can communicate in real-time with their matched translators. You can get a perfect and even more satisfying translation.

How many people use Flitto for language study?

Translation services with over 10 million users from 173 countries all over the world. Whenever you feel language barriers during your language study, assignments or even at work, Flitto is here for you! AI translation, built over artificial neural network, offers natural translation results compared to machine translation with a simple click.

What kind of data is used in Flitto?

including mass translation, video/game translation, API interlocking, and text/voice/image data collaboration. Language Data. Flitto is building and selling the language data necessary to enhance AI engine capabilities such as parallel translation corpus data, voice data, and image data.