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How do you display multiple flags?

How do you display multiple flags?

The correct order is US, then other nationality (always flown at the same height as the US flag), and then state flag. Section 7g of the Flag Code states: “When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size.

How do you display two flags on a house?

If there are two or more flags hanging on the porch, the American flag should hang on the left side of the porch when viewed from the street. If the American flag shares a flagpole with another flag, the Star-Spangled Banner should always be on top.

Can you display more than one American flag?

According to the Flag Code, it is never acceptable to fly a company flag, corporate banners or other form of branding/advertising on the same pole as the US Flag; you will need to have a separate flagpole to display both flags at one time. Check out other flag etiquette to make sure you are flying your flags right.

Can you hang another country’s flag?

The simple answer, at least for private citizens on private property, a flag of another nation can be flown whenever the person so chooses. While displaying the flag of another country in a manner not outlined in the Flag Code may be offensive to some, it is generally considered to be a matter of free speech.

What are some rules for displaying an U.S. flag?

13 Rules for Displaying the American Flag You can fly the flag upside down. A protester marches with an upside-down American flag. No flag can hold prominence over the American flag-though there are two exceptions. iStock/cbarnesphotography For Americans, Old Glory is tops when it comes to the flag-flying game. You can fly multiple country flags, but Old Glory gets dibs.

What other flags are similar to US flag?

Liberia. The Liberian flag bears a very close resemblance to the U.S.

  • Malaysia. The Malaysian flag is made up of a blue canton (with a yellow 14-point star and a crescent) and 14 alternating white and red stripes.
  • Cuba.
  • Brittany.
  • Puerto Rico.
  • Should the state flag fly above the US flag?

    If the U.S. flag flies with multiple state flags, the U.S. must be in the center and higher than the rest. No flag may fly above the U.S. flag, but according to those guidelines all state flags may fly at the same height.

    How to display the U.S. flag?

    the flag was displayed in public only from sunrise to sunset.

  • snow and wind storms.
  • Raise and lower the flag respectfully.
  • Arrange the flag appropriately in relation to other flags.