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How do you create a branch tag?

How do you create a branch tag?

In order to create a Git tag for the last commit of your current checked out branch, use the “git tag” command with the tag name and specify “HEAD” as the commit to create the tag from. Similarly, if you want your tag to be annotated, you can still use the “-a” and “-m” options to annotate your tag.

How do I tag a branch in svn?

Select the folder in your working copy which you want to copy to a branch or tag, then select the command TortoiseSVN → Branch/Tag…. If you can’t remember the naming convention you used last time, click the button on the right to open the repository browser so you can view the existing repository structure.

How do I create a branch in IntelliJ IDEA?

In the Create Branch or Tag dialog that opens, in the Copy From section, specify the source folder that will be copied to a branch or a tag. You can use your local working copy, or a repository location.

How to create a new branch from a tag?

Steps to do it. Finally push your newly created branch to remote repository. I hope this would help. I have resolve the problem as below 1. Get the tag from your branch 2. Write below command once you ready with your hotfix branch, It’s time to move that branch to github, you can do so by writing below command

How to create a branch or tag in subversion?

To create a branch or a tag in a Subversion repository, do the following: From the main menu, choose VCS | Subversion | Branch or Tag. Alternatively, select the source folder in the SVN Repositories tool window and choose the Branch or Tag command from the context menu.

How to create a branch or tag in TortoiseSVN?

Of course to create a branch or tag you must copy the folder, not move it. Yet another way is from the log dialog. You can show the log dialog for e.g. trunk, select a revision (either the HEAD revision at the very top or an earlier revision), right click and choose create branch/tag from revision… .