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How do you beat Onyxia?

How do you beat Onyxia?

The tank that pulls needs to make sure of two things:

  1. Do not turn the boss around too quickly, otherwise you might end up surprising the rest of your raid and causing them to get hit by a Tail Sweep.
  2. Keep your back as close to the back wall as possible, to minimise the effect of the knockback from Onyxia’s Wing Buffet.

What is Onyxia Classic?

Onyxia’s Lair is found to the very south of Dustwallow Marsh. It’s a 40 man raid zone with 4 pulls before you actually fight her. Good, experienced groups, can kill her with 30 people.

Can you get into Onyxia without being attuned?

To get into the Lair, you have to be attuned. This means there are steps you must do which allow you to enter the raid. Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Onyxia’s Lair, and Upper Blackrock Spire have attunements. Everyone in your raid must be attuned, so get used to running the attunement process repeatedly.

What does Onyxia do in World of Warcraft?

Onyxia has two iconic abilities: Bellowing Roar, where she fears the entire raid for a few seconds (and risks them entering her hatchery and invoking a plethora of Whelplings), and Breath, which she performs during her second phase after emoting “Onyxia takes in a deep breath…”.

What are the phases of the Onyxia fight?

4. The Onyxia fight is split into 3 main phases, with Phase 1 and 3 being somewhat similar. Phase 1 — After pulling Onyxia, she will fight players on the ground until 65% HP. Phase 2 — Upon reaching 65% HP, she will fly into the air and your raid will have to dodge her abilities while your ranged burn her down to 40%.

How often does Onyxia use her Fireball and breath?

Once Onyxia is in the air she will start to use two abilities, Fireball and Breath, commonly known as “Deep Breath.” It is imperative that the raid members keep track of Onyxia ‘s location at all times due to this Deep Breath ability. During Phase 2, Onyxia will pick one of eight locations to fly to around her lair every so often.

What’s the best way to keep track of Onyxia?

The easiest way to keep track of Onyxia is to have your Hunters using Track Dragonkin, as this gives an indicator of where Onyxia is at any time and they can call out to your raid which direction she is moving from and to. The last important point in Phase 2 is to stay spread out to avoid splash damage from Onyxia’s fire attacks.