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How do I use the Bank of America Museum in the US?

How do I use the Bank of America Museum in the US?

To take advantage of Museums on Us, Bank of America, Merrill, and Bank of America Private Bank (U.S. Trust) customers simply present their credit or debit card and a valid photo ID to gain one free general admission to any participating institution. Admission is limited to the cardholder only; guests are not eligible.

Is Bank of America nationwide?

In commercial banking, Bank of America operates—but does not necessarily maintain retail branches—in all 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia and more than 40 other countries.

What special services does Bank of America offer?

Bank of America – Banking, Credit Cards, Home Loans & Auto Loans.

Can you get free admission to a Bank of America Museum?

If you are a Bank of America customer, you can enjoy free general admission to any participating museum by presenting your active Bank of America credit card or debit card. Special exhibitions, ticketed shows and fundraising events are excluded.

How many museums does Bank of America have?

Bank of America has been running a program of Museums on Us® for over 20 years. This distinctive program offers its customers free admission to over 200 museums on the first full weekend of every month.

How to use Bank of America perks at work?

Bank of America Discount Program is now Bank of America Perks at Work. In addition to employee pricing, we’ve incorporated more Bank of America Perks and Programs. GO TO PERKS AT WORK. To use our new program, click the above link or visit and log in using your existing username and password.

How does Bank of America support the Arts?

Museums and nonprofit galleries may borrow complete exhibitions at no cost from the Bank of America Art Collection offering the public the opportunity to see important works of art while at the same time generating vital revenue for these institutions. Bank of America provides arts and cultural organizations with vital support worldwide.