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How do I publish on Bing news?

How do I publish on Bing news?

How to submit your news website to Bing?

  1. Make sure that your site follows the Bing Webmaster Guidelines.
  2. Verify the ownership of your site using the Bing Webmaster Tools.
  3. Submit your website to the Bing News PubHub for evaluation.

How do I submit my site to Bing?

How to Submit a Site to Bing (and Yahoo)

  1. Sign in to Bing Webmaster Tools.
  2. Select the appropriate website if you have more than one.
  3. From the menu, choose Configure My Site > Submit URLs.
  4. Type or paste in the URLs you want to submit for indexing from the website, one per line.
  5. Click Submit.

How do you get found on Bing?

Getting Started Checklist

  1. Step 1: Open a Bing Webmaster Tools account. You can open a free Bing Webmaster Tools account by going to the Bing Webmaster Tools sign-in or sign-up page.
  2. Step 2: Add & Verify your website.
  3. Step 3: Create and upload your sitemaps.
  4. Step 4: Create a Search Optimization Plan.

How do I use Bing News API?

Before writing any code, you navigate to the API directly in your browser and open the Bing News Search API page. To make requests you’ll need to log into your Rakuten RapidAPI account (or sign-up for one completely free). After signing in you’ll receive the API keys which verify that this request is coming from you.

How to submit a news site to Bing?

First, verify ownership of your news site (s) in Bing Webmaster Tools. You will have to verify ownership again in Bing News PubHub. We have gathered information about eligibility, best practices, prohibited content, and submitting your site to Bing News PubHub directly from Bing, and the header information is verbatim.

How to improve Bing News PubHub for news publishers?

Bing provides a contact email for customer support, which you can use to ask any questions you may have about their guidelines. However, they will not provide feedback on how to improve your site for evaluation. If you have reviewed the above Bing News PubHub Technical Guidelines and know what to expect in submission, you can move forward.

How can I get my website indexed in Bing?

URL Submission. Go to URL Submission Tool. Bing recommends webmasters using the URL Submission to get their web content indexed as soon as they published or updated it online. Webmasters can Submit URLs to Bing programmatically through the Submit URL API or using the URL Submission feature in Bing Webmasters Tools.

What makes a website not eligible for Bing News Index?

The following sites are not eligible for inclusion in the Bing News index: Sites publishing content that does not adhere to basic standards of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling and word usage Accountability and transparency.