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How do I connect my Huawei phone to my router?

How do I connect my Huawei phone to my router?

The router’s Wi-Fi name should begin with “HUAWEI” and does not require a password. Open an Internet browser on your phone and enter 192.168. 3.1 in the browser address bar to access the router’s web-based management page. Touch Let’s start and follow the Internet access wizard to complete the configuration.

What is Huawei mobile broadband?

Huawei’s devices enable your mobile lifestyle. Quickly transfer and access information through Huawei’s mobile broadband solutions.

How use Huawei mobile broadband?

In the Mobile Wi-Fi tab, click on Mobile Broadband. Click on Connection….Huawei R218H & R216H

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi router or connect it to the USB port of your computer.
  2. Connect to a Wi-Fi network on your computer.
  3. Enter your PIN code in the PIN code field and click OK.
  4. You are now connected to the Internet.

How do I use my WiFi router with my SIM card?

A mobile router is extremely easy to use. When the SIM card subscription is active, simply insert the SIM card into the router and connect to its network from the device you want. These mobiles are perfect for those who work a lot from different places.

Where did the Huawei e5172 4G router come from?

I originally got this modem in the Seychelles from Airtel completely unlocked. It worked there with an Airtel SIM card pulling their 3G+ bands at 10-15 Mbs in the Anse Royal area which only had 3G towers in proximity. It worked in Cairns, Australia with Optus pulling full blown 4G LTE bands at normal broadband speeds.

Can a Huawei 4G Plus connect to WiFi?

The Wi-Fi network will appear on Wi-Fi network lists just like a network from a standard router would, so any device that can connect to Wi-Fi will be able to connect to the Huawei 4G Plus MiFi.

What kind of hotspot does Huawei e5330s-2 have?

Huawei E5330s-2 is a high-speed packet access mobile hotspot. It is a multi-mode wireless terminal for SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) and business professionals. You can connect the E5330 with the USB interface of a computer or connect the E5330 with the WiFi.

What’s the download speed on Huawei 4G Plus MiFi?

If you wish you can also change it using the devices software, which you can access via smartphone or computer. The Huawei 4G Plus MiFi supports download speeds of up to 300Mbps over 4G.