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How do I change my location on Instagram settings?

How do I change my location on Instagram settings?

Edit a location

  1. Tap (iPhone) or (Android) above your photo or video.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Tap the location name, then tap Remove Location or Change Location (iPhone), or tap Find a Location… or tap X next to Select a Location (Android).
  4. Tap Done (iPhone) or (Android).

Why my Google location is not showing on Instagram?

If you can’t find the new location you’ve created on Instagram, you may need to go back to Facebook on your mobile device or computer and claim the location as your business.

How do I fix location on Instagram?

The method to fix the problem is to enable Instagram in your phone’s location settings. For iOS: Simply go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, Instagram. Under ‘Allow Location Access,’ choose ‘While Using the App. ‘ For Android: Head to Settings, Security & Location, Advanced, Location, Turn ‘Use Location’ on.

Where is advanced settings on Instagram?

Begin by tapping the Advanced Settings option at the bottom of the New Post screen.

How do I add a location to a post on Instagram?

Editing an Existing Post Open Instagram. Tap the profile button. Tap the post on which you’ll add a location. Tap ⁝. Tap Edit. Tap Add Location. Select a location. Tap the check mark.

How can I turn off location services on Instagram?

Alternatively, you can turn off location services for Instagram entirely by closing. the app and opening the Settings app on your phone, then tapping. Location services and flipping the switch next to Instagram OffYou can.

Where do I find the plus sign on Instagram?

Open Instagram. It’s the red, orange, and purple camera icon. You’ll typically find it on your home screen. Tap the new post button. It’s the plus sign button at the bottom of the screen. Select a photo or video and tap Next. Edit your photo (if desired) and tap Next. Tap Add Location.

Is it good to keep your location on Instagram?

Being tracked all day, everyday can be a little bit much, if you ask me. However, there are a number of benefits to keeping your Instagram location services on. Your location tag will automatically show up for any and all posts and Stories, and your ads will even be better catered to you, based on where you live.