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Does mastic gum actually work?

Does mastic gum actually work?

A small 2010 study found that mastic gum may kill off Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Researchers found that 19 out of 52 participants successfully cleared the infection after chewing mastic gum for two weeks. Participants who took an antibiotic in addition to chewing mastic gum saw the highest success rate.

Which brand of mastic gum is best?

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How quickly does mastic gum work?

One 2007 study found that chewing mastic gum may help prevent cavities. After 15 minutes, people who chewed mastic gum had lower levels of certain bacteria in their mouths. The bacteria levels were even lower after 135 minutes.

Can mastic gum be bad for you?

Although mastic gum is generally considered safe and well-tolerated, it is unknown at what point a dose may become excessive or what the consequences of long-term treatment may be (if any). Despite centuries of use, there has been little research about mastic gum’s long-term safety.

How much mastic gum is safe to take?

This dosage of mastic gum can be administered as two doses of 500 mg or four doses of 250 mg per day. For maintaining gastrointestinal health, two doses of 250 mg per day appear to be sufficient.

Why you should chew mastic gum?

Prevent cavities- mastic gum is sugarless and helps in preventing tooth cavity. According to an article published in Archives of Oral Biology, found out that chewing mastic gum daily helps in preventing Streptococcus mutants, which is responsible for causing teeth cavities.

How often to take mastic gum?

Researchers also found that mastic gum had a greater effect on people who were overweight or obese. Still, further research with a larger sample size is needed to truly determine the potential efficacy. How to use: Take 330 mg of mastic gum 3 times per day. Continue use for eight weeks.

What are the benefits of mastic gum?

A majority of the health benefits associated with the use of mastic gum is attributed to the various ways in which this natural medication yields antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.