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Does Felicity date Ray Palmer?

Does Felicity date Ray Palmer?

In Arrow season three, Felicity begins a professional and later romantic relationship with Ray Palmer, played by Brandon Routh.

Are Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak in a relationship?

That’s why in the Arrow Season 3 episode “Draw Back Your Bow” she originally wanted to keep her relationship with Ray Palmer professional and platonic. But if she wants a romantic partner, Ray Palmer is definitely the best choice for the time being. In fact, Felicity and Ray are kind of perfect for each other.

What happens between Felicity and Ray?

Ray voices his belief that Felicity didn’t return the sentiment when he confessed his love to her at the hospital because she is still in love with Oliver. Felicity admits he is right and tearfully apologizes. The couple break up, though Ray still allows Felicity and Oliver to use his private jet.

What episode does Felicity sleep with Ray?

Well, during Wednesday night’s Arrow episode “Nanda Parbat,” I found myself asking those exact same questions. Because even though I’ve been a tried and true Olicity supporter for going on three seasons now, I find myself growing more and more fond of Team Raylicity.

How is Felicity Smoak related to Oliver Queen?

She becomes CEO of Palmer Technologies and subsequently founds her own company, Smoak Tech. Her relationship with Oliver develops into a romantic one, leading to their marriage and to her becoming stepmother to his son, William, and later mother to their daughter, Mia.

When did Felicity Smoak have her first relationship?

Felicity’s first significant romantic relationship is shown in the season three episode “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”. Talking about this relationship, with Cooper Seldon (Nolan Gerard Funk), Rickards stated “It was young love. They were so in love, They had a deep connection.

Who is Felicity Smoak’s love interest in Arrow?

Oliver Queen The romantic relationship between Felicity and Oliver Queen was a prominent theme throughout the majority of Arrow’s run. In the DC Comics canon, Green Arrow is often romantically partnered with Black Canary, and in season one Arrow presented their versions of the characters as each other’s significant love interest.

Why did Ray Palmer want to hire Felicity?

When Felicity discovered the news, Ray made an attempt to hire Felicity for an office job at Palmer Technologies, which Felicity angrily declined. Ray quickly realized that Felicity wasn’t mad at him, realizing something was wrong. He tried to assure Felicity things would brighten up.