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Do you have to take summer classes at USF?

Do you have to take summer classes at USF?

Do I have to attend Summer term? All students entering USF with fewer than 60 semester hours of credit are required to earn at least nine semester hours of credit prior to graduation by enrolling in courses for one or more summer sessions.

Will USF summer classes be online?

Stay on track. Take summer online courses at USF to get ahead and stay ahead in your academic career. We schedule the courses you need, recruit the best faculty and graduate student instructors, and offer classes in flexible sessions to fit your schedule.

How do I search for classes at USF?

To explore the course offerings available to you on all campuses, log in to OASIS. From the Main Menu, click on Student, then click on Registration. To search for courses, click on Class Schedule Search. Select the term you want to register for from the drop-down menu, then click Submit.

How many classes can I take in the summer USF?

You can take up to 14 credit hours over the summer.

Are there any online graduate programs at USF?

Thank you for your interest in USF’s online graduate programs. The following graduate degrees are offered online. Please note that some programs include required internships, practica or clinical experiences that are not completed online.

Where to find summer courses at University of South Florida?

Find summer courses by using the University of South Florida’s schedule search and stay on track to graduate on time. You can find information on how to search and register for courses here:

When does the USF Pre college program start?

Students will participate in online courses with synchronous instruction directly with USF faculty and other participants. All USF Pre-College online programs will be four weeks in length, beginning on Monday, July 12 and running through Friday, August 6.

What to do in the summer at USF?

Take the courses you need to catch up or get ahead at USF this summer. Financial aid available for eligible students. Earn 3 credits in just 4 weeks and satisfy your State of Florida summer enrollment requirement. Undergraduate and graduate courses are available. Why Summer?