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Do school counselors have confidentiality?

Do school counselors have confidentiality?

In New South Wales privacy laws apply to all State government agencies and their employees including school counsellors. The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act relates to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

What are the limits of confidentiality in schools when can school counselors break confidentiality?

To provide appropriate disclosure and informed consent regarding the counseling relationship and confidentiality. To inform students and the family of the limits to confidentiality when: the student poses a danger to self or others. there is a court-ordered disclosure.

Are conversations with school counselors confidential?

California law provides that some school counseling records are confidential, meaning that they are not to be included within the definition of “education records.” For example, any information of a personal nature disclosed by a student, or parent or guardian of a student 12 years of age or older, in the process of …

Can I tell my school counselor anything?

Different schools have different policies, though. So talk directly with your counselor about what he or she considers confidential. In very rare cases, a counselor is unable to keep information confidential. A counselor who thinks that someone is at risk of being harmed is required by law to share that information.

Are there exceptions to confidentiality in school counseling?

However, students should be informed that exceptions to confidentiality exist in which school counselors must inform others of information they obtained in the counseling relationship to prevent serious and foreseeable harm to students themselves or others and if it is legally required. American School Counselor Association. (2016).

What does it mean to have confidentiality in school?

Confidentiality ensures that school counselors won’t share students’ disclosures with others except when the student authorizes it or when there is a clear and present danger to the student and/or to other persons.

Why is confidentiality important in a counseling relationship?

Confidentiality in counseling relationships helps ensure trust between clients and counselors. Yet, defining and understanding the boundaries of confidentiality in school settings is often difficult, as school counselors are engaged in multiple relationships with various stakeholders.

What does privileged communication between school counselor and student mean?

Privileged communication between a school counselor and a student is a legal term granting protection to information shared in a counseling relationship only if said privilege is granted by federal or state statue. If privilege applies it can provide additional safeguards to confidential information.