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Did you know fun facts about water?

Did you know fun facts about water?

Water could be the key to finding life.

  • Almost all Earth’s water is in the oceans.
  • Most freshwater is in ice.
  • The amount of salt in salt water varies.
  • A lot can live in one drop of water.
  • Some water may have come from comets.
  • It’s really great that ice floats.
  • Our bodies are mostly water.
  • What are some amazing water facts?

    9 Awesome Water Facts

    • Hot water freezes faster than cold water.
    • Less than 1% of water on Earth is drinkable.
    • A healthy adult should drink 2 litres of water everyday to remain healthy.
    • The total amount of water on Earth never changes.
    • There have been attempts to ban water entirely.

    What is the most remarkable fact about the water?

    9 remarkable facts about water

    • Only 0.5% of the earth’s water is suitable for human consumption.
    • According to a comprehensive study by McKinsey & Co, by 2030, demand for water will exceed sustainable supply by 40%.
    • Agriculture accounts for as much as 90% of global water consumption.

    What are some interesting facts about water?

    Water is the only substance found on earth as a liquid, solid and gas. Interesting facts about water don’t stop there. All substances can exist in three different states: liquid, solid and gas. Water is the one single substance that can exist, naturally, on earth as all three in the form of water, water vapour and ice.

    What is the importance of water resources?

    it shapes earth’s surface.

  • plants and marine animals.
  • cooking food and various activities.
  • Rain is an important sources of fresh water and only 3% of fresh water is found on earth.
  • Is water a natural resource?

    Water- a Natural Resource. Totalled 75% of the earth is composed of the highly used natural resource we know as water. Water IS the most important natural resource known as it relates to everything biologically living. Water is used for an immeasurable number of important things. It occupies the earth’s surface, as well as our bodies and blood.