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Can you cycle North Downs Way?

Can you cycle North Downs Way?

Cycling UK’s Riders’ Route for the North Downs Way is a largely off-road route which will take you over 150 miles from Farnham in Surrey to Dover in Kent. The 150 miles can be ridden in one go as a bikepacking adventure, or alternatively Cycling UK has broken the journey down in to three roughly 50 mile stages.

Can you cycle on a national trail?

National Trails are long distance walking, cycling and horse riding routes through the best landscapes in England and Wales. Walkers can enjoy them all, cyclists and horse riders can enjoy the Pennine Bridleway and the South Downs Way, as well as sections of the other Trails.

How long does it take to walk the North Downs Way?

This means that generally you’re looking at 9 or 10 days to do the whole walk, although if you fancy doing some longer days it is possible to do it in less. Add on an extra two days if you want to do both north and south loops. Most people walk the North Downs Way west to east so the guide is listed with that in mind.

Is the North Downs Way a bike trail?

The North Downs Way is predominantly a footpath although there are sections of bridleways that riders can use. Many different cycle routes have been created. The trail we suggest follows closely the National Trail, only deviating at sections where cycling is not permitted.

How long does it take to do the North Downs Way?

The Trail is 153 miles (246 km) long. You should aim to take twelve days to complete the Trail. This allows a comfortable 13 miles a day. The trail has steep ascents and descents in places, and more energetic climbs up Box and the Colley Hills in Surrey and those in the Mid Kent Downs.

When is the 40th anniversary of the North Downs Way?

Cycling UK led a group of journalists from MBUK, Singletrack and Cycling Weekly on the inaugural trail blazing ride of this route on 28 September 2018, taking part in the celebrations of the North Downs Way 40 th anniversary.

What to see on the North Downs Way?

You’ll discover history every step of the way: there are eight castles, three cathedrals, three archbishops’ palaces and numerous stately homes and gardens close to the Trail.