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Are there free prezi templates?

Are there free prezi templates?

For presenting with a free template you will need to create an account on (NB! With a free account, all Prezi presentation will be public, and they can be edited and presented online.

How do I download a prezi template?


  1. From the dashboard, click the three dots (…) in the thumbnail of the presentation you want to download.
  2. On the detailed view screen, click the Download icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, under Export.
  3. Check the box next to the format you’d like your portable prezi to run on.

What are prezi video templates?

Prezi Video puts you and your content on screen together at the same time, so you can keep that face-to-face interaction even when you’re walking through a presentation. These video templates have placeholders for content along the side of the screen, which leaves plenty of room for the star of the video…you!

Which is the best Prezi template for a presentation?

A Prezi and PowerPoint template for making a creative presentation about smart city technologies. Businessman holding a tablet computer with a small city on it. Everybody loves futuristic tech news, so stay ahead of the trend and showcase some amazing smart city solutions. 18. International Business Presentation Template

How to make your own Prezi resume template?

Rearrange elements and create your own unique layout. A free Prezi Resume template for self promotion. Your classical paper CV is presented on a wooden desk with papers, pen and cup of coffee. Move the elements and make a unique layout. Complete Prezi template with the Angry Birds theme. Add your text or images anywhere.

Which is the best template for a presentation?

Take your viewers on a space journey (NB: make sure you are a great storyteller!). Illustrate the concept of achieving your goal in a space mission. Presentation template with a view from inside a spaceship with a big navigation screen. Zoom into the rectangles and insert your own content. This is the true meaning of a creative presentation.

Is there a free Prezi template for Valentine’s Day?

Time to show some love with a very simple and minimalistic free Valentine’s Day Prezi Template with a big heart and wings formed from small red hearts. A free Prezi template with a “Build Your Ideas” concept. A good presentation template for demonstrating how you formulate your ideas. Includes construction visuals.