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Are Corian worktops any good?

Are Corian worktops any good?

Corian solid surface offers design versatility, functionality and durability. It is an incredibly solid material that is a very popular choice for kitchen worktops due to its durability and strength. Corian is made from 1/3 acrylic resin and 2/3 natural minerals, which together creates a very tough material.

Is Minerva worktop expensive?

minerva® manufactures a highly competitive range of worktops that offer all the benefits of a Corian worktop without the increased costs. As minerva® is produced at 25mm thick it does not need to be fabricated as Corian worktops do – hence minerva® is more affordable.

Are MiroStone worktops any good?

Much like MISTRAL, MiroStone® makes an ideal kitchen surface. Harvesting the stunning appearance and feel of natural stone it is a great option to consider for your kitchen worktop. Hard-wearing and completely waterproof, MiroStone® can cope with stains, scratches and the daily wear and tears.

Who are solid worktops limited and what do they do?

At Solid Worktops Limited we are leading licensed manufacturers of solid surfaces for residential and commercial properties in the U.K. with over 20 years experience in providing our bespoke kitchen and bathroom worktops services in Essex and beyond.

Which is the best solid surface for kitchen worktops?

Solid throughout the materials thickness (no mdf sub frame). Acrylic based making it heat, stain and scratch resistant as well as non-porous and 100% Hygenic for easy maintenance. Easy installation no specialist tools required as with granite and quartz. Seamless joints and integrated or under mounted sinks can easily be achieved.

Which is the best company to buy worktops from?

Great quality worktops and a really helpful team. We visited to see the different worktops in person and were given a mini-tour around the workshop! They all take real pride in the products. The team are also spending time helping us resolve some issues with installation (even though these issues have nothing to do with them at all – very kind.)

What is the quality of Knotty Wood worktops?

Amazing quality worktops at a great price. I ordered just from seeing a small sample and was blown away by the quality. I was even quite particular about how knotty I wanted the wood and they accommodated me and were a pleasure to deal with. The wood arrived on time with lots of communication about timing.