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Are Bont shoes worth it?

Are Bont shoes worth it?

Once we had heat-molded our pair and clipped in for a ride, comfort and performance were both excellent. As we said, Bont pegs the Vaypor+ as (very high-end) enthusiast shoes, but they felt like they’d be ideal for racing. If you prefer leather uppers and a more traditional shoe tongue, it might be worth it.

Are Bont cycling shoes comfortable?

Bont does not stop with performance and comfort. They built maximum durability into the Vaypors, too, with fully rubber-wrapped reinforced toes and replaceable thick rubber heel tabs. At $450, this isn’t an inexpensive pair of shoes, so it’s nice Bont went to such lengths to ensure they last a good long while.

What is heat molding?

What is heat molding? There are some brands and models of ice hockey skates that can be placed to “skate baking ovens” and heated until the skate is somewhat pliable (softened). This reduces the time it takes for the skates to mold to the shape of your foot (breaking in time).

What makes Bont vaypor cycling shoes so special?

The Vaypor utilizes unidirectional carbon fiber allowing Bont to create a performance cycling shoe with very specific strength characteristics based on stress points in cycling. As unidirectional carbon absorbs less resin then cross weave fibers, it also assists in the weight reduction of the cycling shoes.

What’s the difference between a Bont and a vaypor?

Based on the successful ctt-one, the Vaypor continues Bont’s development in shoe technology. Whilst maintaining the lateral forefoot support synonymous with all Bont cycling shoe models, the Vaypor now has a reduced carbon height around the toe box area and an all new Faux Seude Leather liner.

What kind of buckles are in Bont vaypor?

The Bont a-one’s industry leading stack height, weight to strength ratio and power transfer are all part of the new Bont Vaypor. The cleat micro grid has been included to provide riders with the ability to fine tune their cleat placement. Low profile, micro adjustable buckles have been fitted.

How is the base of a vaypor shoe made?

The base is made by hand by sandwiching cross weave carbon and uni-directional carbon fiber which is embedded with epoxy thermo setting resin. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear. Super Mold Technology allows you to obtain a custom fit from a stock boot.