Why did Israel invade Gaza in 2008?

Why did Israel invade Gaza in 2008?

The Israeli government’s stated goal was to stop indiscriminate Palestinian rocket fire into Israel and weapons smuggling into the Gaza strip. Hamas stated its rocket fire, which resumed in November 2008, was in response to an Israeli raid of a tunnel leading from Gaza, which it characterized as a ceasefire violation.

What happened in 2005 in the Gaza Strip?

Israel’s plan of unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip and North Samaria put forward by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was carried out on 15 August 2005. With the implementation of the plan, IDF installations and forces were removed and over 9000 Israeli citizens living in 25 settlements were evicted.

What are the Hamas fighting for?

Hamas’ declared objectives are to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation and transform the country into an Islamic state. Which of these two objectives is the primary goal is disputed. The movement’s original charter committed it to waging an armed struggle to destroy the state of Israel.

Why are there troubles in the Gaza Strip?

Living conditions in the Gaza Strip are typically poor for a number of reasons: the region’s dense and rapidly increasing population (the area’s growth rate is one of the highest in the world); inadequate water, sewage, and electrical services; high rates of unemployment; and, from September 2007, sanctions imposed by Israel on the region.

Why are people fighting over the Gaza Strip?

The fighting in the Gaza Strip are due to issues going back thousands of years. In order to understand the roots of the conflict some background information is necessary. The Zionist Movement . In the 1880s the Jews scattered throughout Europe and America made known their desire to return to the Promised Land.

How dangerous is the Gaza Strip?

The security situation along the Mediterranean coast of the Gaza Strip remains dangerous. Since May 2010, Israeli security forces have intercepted attempts to breach Israel’s naval blockade. These incidents have resulted in deaths, injuries, arrests and deportations.

Who is responsible for the Gaza Strip Conflict?

Hamas , a Palestinian Sunni militant organization in control of the Gaza Strip, has been locked in a protracted on-and-off conflict with Israel, which still refuses to recognize Palestine as an independent political and diplomatic entity. Israel holds Hamas responsible for any attack coming from the Gaza Strip.