Who is XL hamzy?

Who is XL hamzy?

Bassam Hamzy is the founder of the Brothers for Life criminal gang and Australia’s first and only extreme high-risk inmate at Goulburn supermax prison.

Why was Bilal Hamze killed?

The shooting was described by police as a major escalation in underworld tensions and detectives are investigating if it was the latest episode in a long-running dispute between the rival Hamzy and Alameddine families. Mr Hamze died from his wounds after being rushed to St Vincent’s hospital late on Thursday night.

Where was Bilal hamzy murdered?

Sydney’s CBD
Key points: Bilal Hamze was gunned down in Sydney’s CBD last week.

Who started brothers for life?

One of the few people permitted to speak with the Brothers 4 Life founder in jail, solicitor Mohammad Khan, has revealed Hamzy’s distraught reaction to last week’s slaying of relative Bilal Hamze.

Why did Bassam Hamzy start brothers 4 Life?

The Brothers 4 Life founder has been in prison for almost two decades after he was jailed for the murder of a teenager, Kris Toumazis, outside a Sydney nightclub in 1998. He started the Brothers 4 Life gang while in jail, after he converted to radical Islam.

What did Bassam Hamzy do in his cell?

Using a smuggled mobile phone, Hamzy ran a violent drug network from his cell, making up to 450 phone calls a day. Police established Hamzy had used the phone to organise two kidnappings and a drive-by shooting. In 2017 prison officers found a flash drive containing Islamic State material during a targeted search for a phone in his cell.

Where did the shooting of Bassam Hamzy take place?

Before yesterday’s killing, Hamzy’s family has been involved in multiple shooting attacks. In 2013 a man tried to murder the aunt of Hamzy at her Auburn home in Sydney’s west. Maha Hamze was hit with eight bullet wounds to her hip and legs when at least 21 shots were fired from a Glock pistol into her home.

What did Hamzy do in Goulbourn supermax?

Despite being holed up in Goulbourn Supermax, Hamzy has kept authorities on their toes. Since his murder conviction, Hamzy was found guilty of running a drug ring from his prison cell. Using a smuggled mobile phone, Hamzy ran a violent drug network from his cell, making up to 450 phone calls a day.