Who is Shawn Mullins singing about in lullaby?

Who is Shawn Mullins singing about in lullaby?

Shawn Mullins

Who originally sang lullaby?

Lullaby (The Cure song)

Songwriter(s) Roger O’Donnell, Boris Williams, Simon Gallup, Robert Smith, Lol Tolhurst and Porl Thompson
Producer(s) Robert Smith Dave Allen
The Cure singles chronology
“Hot Hot Hot!!!” (1988) “Lullaby” (1989) “Fascination Street” (1989)

When did the song Lullaby by Shawn Mullins come out?

You probably remember Shawn Mullins from his 1998 hit “Lullaby.” Though “Lullaby” has come and gone on the airwaves, Mullins’ career has hardly been put to rest. The acoustic-folk singer-songwriter just released his 6th album since Soul’s Core, a new collection called Light You Up.

Who wrote Lullaby by Shawn Mullins?


Who sang Rockabye Baby?

Clean Bandit

Is Matthew Sweet married?

Lisa Sweet
Matthew Sweet/Spouse

What movie was the song Lullaby in?

It was also sung by Dave Allen in the 2011 film Bad Teacher.

Who is Shawn Mullins married to?

Kelly Hobbs Mullinsm. 1999
Shawn Mullins/Spouse
Mullins is still a local, too, having recently sold his Candler Park house and moved with wife Kelly and 14-month-old son Murphy to an abode in Inman Park.

Was Shawn Mullins in the army?

Artist Biography by Jason Ankeny An Atlanta-based folksinger best known for his Top Ten hit “Lullaby,” Shawn Mullins was serving as a member of the U.S. Army Airborne Infantry Division when he released his first self-titled cassette (issued on his own label, SM) in 1989.

Why are children’s songs so dark?

If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably wondered at some point why so many of their favorite bedtime lullaby have dark undertones. Essentially this means that any song could serve as a lullaby – to be soothing the singer simply has to adjust the pace and rhythm at which the song is sung.

Who is on the cover of Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend album?

actress Tuesday Weld
The cover of the album features a photograph of actress Tuesday Weld from the late 1950s.