Who is better Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving?

Who is better Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving?

If you analyze Kyrie Irving’s gameplay, you will see that he is a good shooter. His stats, however, suggest that Kyrie Irving is still far from overtaking Stephen Curry. However, Kyrie’s ball-handling skills are superior to Curry’s.

Does Curry have better handles than Kyrie?

In a Showtime documentary that will premiere on Saturday, The Answer said Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving both have a better handle than he did in his heyday. Chef Curry and Uncle Drew are wizardly in their own right, though. They give modern-day defenders the same kind of nightmares that Iverson gave his opponents.

Are Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving friends?

Green and Irving have been friends for years, while Curry knew Irving through his brother, Seth, during Irving’s one season at Duke. It wasn’t until the summer of 2014, though, when Curry and Irving really got to spend time together with USA Basketball.

Who is Stephen Curry’s best friend?

Kent Bazemore
Why Steph Curry reuniting with close friend Kent Bazemore benefits Warriors.

Who is better Kyrie or curry?

When you look at the issues of handles, it depends on what your criteria. With all the fancy dribbling breaking defender ankles, Kyrie is somewhat better than Curry. Kyrie definitely has more creativity and skills than Curry. Curry is one of the best ballhandlers in the NBA alongside Kyrie.

What are 5 facts about Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know 1. He Set The NBA Single-Season 3-Point Record…Again 2. He Has a Net Worth of $8 Million 3. He Originally Wanted to Play College Ball at Virginia Tech 4. He Is Married to Ayesha Alexander 5. His Real Name Isn’t Steph

What are some interesting facts about Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry was born in 1988 in the same hospital as LeBron James in Akron , Ohio. He has the Fastest jumpshot ever recorded by Sports Science. Curry once made 77 straight three pointers in practice. If Curry wasn’t a basketball player, he would become a golfer. He wears the No. 30 to honor his dad.

How many threes has Steph Curry made?

Curry has made 2,495 threes since being drafted by the Warriors. He’s already third in career made threes. In a couple of years he will be topping the list, and Curry seems bound to become the