Where is the serial number on a Remington Noiseless typewriter?

Where is the serial number on a Remington Noiseless typewriter?

(Look for the serial number on the right top of the frame, under the right end of the carriage.)

How much is a Remington portable typewriter worth?

Remington Brand Typewriter Value 1 in rough condition sold for nearly $27,000 at auction on eBay. But later Remingtons, including the Standard #10, can be found online for $150 and under, in good, working condition.

How do I date my typewriter?

The Typewriter Database is a wonderful resource when trying to date your typewriter. Simply go to the website at http://typewriterdatabase.com to get started. Select your typewriter’s Brand from the drop down menu. A new page will open that will feature the most recently edited typewriter galleries.

When was the last Remington typewriter made?

However, since they were sold and the name changed several times, they’ve made many more. In fact, Remington Rand manufactured typewriters until 1980. They’ve made standard typewriters, portables, and noiseless varieties.

When was the last Remington noiseless typewriter made?

Download a sheet of basic operating features for this typewriter here. Remington Noiseless Model 10 Serial # X454830 & X734992 1938 & 1951. The second-to-last incarnation of the Noiseless was produced virtually unchanged for almost two decades. This is one of the heaviest, most solid machines I own.

What is the model number on a Remington Typewriter?

These models, like all Remington typewriters made from August 1914 through August 1928, use a 2-letter, 5-numeral code. The first letter represents the model of the typewriter (J for the Junior, N for the #1 and #2, or K for the Rem-Blick).

What was the serial number of the Remington noiseless?

Remington Noiseless #6 Serial # X241010 1934. The typebar cover is missing, but gives us a good peek at the unique “noiseless” thrust mechanism.

Where can I find a list of Remington models?

Click here for a table of Remington serial number and manufacturing dates, including data for the entire line of “blind” Remington Standards. Although I have few of these to display, it would do well to serve up a quick overview of the early Remington models, to help put the ones that follow in context.