Where is Arunachal Pradesh located on India map?

Where is Arunachal Pradesh located on India map?

Arunachal Pradesh lies at the tip of the northeastern part of India. The state shares its borders with Assam and Nagaland to the south. The state also shares international borders with Bhutan in the west, Myanmar in the east, and a disputed border with China in the north at the McMahon Line.

Which states border Arunachal Pradesh?

It constitutes a mountainous area in the extreme northeastern part of the country and is bordered by the kingdom of Bhutan to the west, the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north, Myanmar (Burma) and the Indian state of Nagaland to the south and southeast, and the Indian state of Assam to the south and southwest …

Why Arunachal Pradesh is famous for?

For what Arunachal Pradesh is famous? Well, this northeastern Indian state Arunachal Pradesh is known for its pristine beauty and the lush green forests. The state is also known as the Land of the Rising Sun! Arunachal is one of the safest places in the tribal states of the northeastern part of India.

Who controls Arunachal Pradesh?

The India-China border dispute covers the 3,488-km-long Line of Actual Control (LAC) of which 1,126 km is located in Arunachal Pradesh. China claims Arunachal Pradesh as South Tibet, which India has firmly rejected.

How many districts are there in Arunachal Pradesh?

Districts District Headquarters Population (2011) Area (km 2 ) Year created Kamle Raga 22,256 200 2017 Shi-Yomi Tato 13,310 2,875 2018 Lepa-Rada Basar 2018 Pakke-Kessang Lemmi 2018

What are the best things about Arunachal Pradesh?

Earlier named after North East Frontier Agency

  • Largest of the seven sisters
  • Lots and lots of O2
  • International neighbours
  • Hub of tribes and diverse cultures
  • You gotta have a permit to roam in your home state!
  • Massive monastery of Twang
  • Let’s go back in time!
  • The river bridge that connects two states
  • y’all!
  • Where is Arunachal Pradesh situated?

    The mountainous frontier state of Arunachal Pradesh, sanskrit for ‘land of the rising sun’, is situated in the extreme northeastern part of the country. It was formerly known as the North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) and was part of Assam until it was made a union territory in 1972 and a full-fledged state on February 20, 1987.

    Is Arunachal Pradesh a part of China now?

    Arunachal Pradesh is an Indian state, but China considers it as part of southern Tibet .