Where can I get Poptropica Island walkthroughs?

Where can I get Poptropica Island walkthroughs?

Each Island Guide below comes with: Synopsis from Poptropica, Island Extras (wallpapers, posters, and more), Video Walkthrough, Written Walkthrough, Trivia, Album Photos, and more. Poptropica Worlds can be played by downloading the app on mobile devices or by visiting this link online. Your account data will sync across devices.

Are there any staff left on Poptropica Island?

Poptropica is under new management, and it’s falling apart at the seams! The newest Island isn’t finished, the staff is nowhere to be found, and you can’t take two steps without running into a game-breaking bug. Get ready to go behind the scenes for your most important adventure yet — because this time, you’ve got to save Poptropica itself!

What’s the mission of the island in Poptropica?

Poptropica is filled with a variety of islands, each one unique with its own stories and characters. Your mission is to help the citizens of each island solve their problems and save the day.

Where do you find Patient Zero in Poptropica?

Somewhere in Poptropica, an unknown citizen harbors within his bloodstream a dangerous new virus. Your mission: locate Patient Zero, and eradicate the disease before it spreads. Prepare for a perilous journey to the most far-out place of all — inside the human body!

Where are the two puzzle keys in Poptropica?

The two puzzle keys are hidden in two walled-off areas. One down, two to go. Use the photo below for reference (click to enlarge). The objective in this area is to connect all of the hydromedusa (jellyfish), which surround a glowing ball on the bottom left corner of this area, to outlets all around the area.

Which is the most difficult Island in Poptropica?

All that remains are the machines they left behind…and some strange and terrible plant life. You’ll need the walkthrough for the most difficult island in Poptropica released so far. Halloween is coming and Poptropica is celebrating with a special quest featuring the characters from the Peanuts comic Strip.

How do you get parachute on Poptropica Island?

Click on the axe sticking out of the stump. Your mittens will give you a grip on the Axe Handle and you’ll be able to pull it out. Next, climb the trees until you find a green parachute backpack hanging on a branch that’s slightly out of reach.

How do you climb the head of a Poptropica?

1. Climb the snake’s tail to your right, then go left to climb the snake’s neck. Land on its head. 2. Jump on the spot with honey above the snake’s head. 3. Go right, across the coiled-snake body, and jump up to the branch on your right. Then jump on the mushrooms.

How do you pick up a Poptropica nest?

Click on the squirrel to make him go inside the tree. When it hears the terribly loud sound that the woodpecker is making, the squirrel will jump off, and you can pick up the Nest. Go right to the next area, run to the right, and pick up the Wet Kindling. After you take the Wet Kindling, go to the next area.