Where can I fish in Nagambie?

Where can I fish in Nagambie?

GoFish Nagambie Hot Spots

  • GOULBURN WEIR. Goulburn Weir is the largest expanse of water on the Nagambie Lakes system and it is loaded with standing timber… which means cod!
  • KIRWANS BRIDGE. This area is loaded with so many options, so much structure and great fishing opportunities.

Where can I fish the Goulburn river?

Access is good at a number of road bridges such as at ‘the Breakaway’, on Breakaway Road or Gilmores Bridge on the Goulburn Valley Highway near Thornton. Other recognised fishing spots are Rennie, S Bends, Valley, Eildon Water and Point Hill. There is good bank fishing at these locations.

Is Lake Eildon good for fishing?

Lake Eildon is an amazing and scenic fishing destination which contributes heavily to local tourism. It’s a fantastic place for camping and to target trophy-sized rainbow or brown trout during winter. There is also plenty of golden perch, redfin, carp and Murray Cod.

Where can I fish in Eildon?

Over all the some of the best spots on the lake to target have been Goughs bay, Goulburn, Delatite and bonnie Doon arms, Jerusalem creek and the main arm.

Where to fish in New Jersey-Take Me Fishing?

Ocean City, NJ, is an exciting spot to fish, with fantastic public fishing piers. Get tips to plan your next outing. Do you like this content? Subscribe to our Newsletter and get all the information you need to learn, plan, and equip for your next fishing adventure.

How big are the fluke in the New Jersey Channel?

Over decades, that has built up a jumbled underwater terrain of rockpiles that fluke hang around, in order to ambush unsuspecting baitfish in the current of the channel. Depths in this area range from 63 to 100 feet.

Where to find fluke in Barnegat, New Jersey?

Fluke love this type of cover, as it affords them the element of surprise. Outgoing tides are best fished here, since the short distance from the mouth of Barnegat Inlet means that water rushing out of the bay brings all sorts of baitfish right past the reef itself.

Where are the flatfish grounds in New Jersey?

Read on for five proven Jersey flatfish grounds to check out right now. Situated just east of Romer Shoal in the shipping lanes of Raritan Bay, the Ambrose Channel cuts a deep gully that runs from 21 feet on its ledges down a slope to the 45-foot range and eventually, down to 70 feet in its belly.