Where can I download a Kohler service manual?

Where can I download a Kohler service manual?

Click on your engine listed below to download. These service manuals provide general information, adjustment, specifications, tolerances, torques, troubleshooting, fuel systems, disassembly, reassembly and much more.

How can I find out more about Kohler?

Find a Store Find Kohler products near you. Literature/Color and Finishes Stores Order and download our brochures, posters, history books and color and finish samples. CAD Symbols and Cutout Templates Browse our online library containing 2D and 3D CAD files of KOHLER products.

What to do if your Kohler engine is having problems?

Remember to follow all safety precautions before starting any work on your engine. If troubles persist after checking the possible causes listed or you are unable to identify the problem, call KOHLER Engines Customer Service at 1-800-544-2444 or contact your local KOHLER dealer.

Where can I find the return policy for Kohler?

Return Policy Return information is located on the packing slip included with your shipment. For the fastest possible assistance, please have your packing slip and order number ready for our customer service representative and call us toll free at 1-800-4KOHLER (1-800-456-4537).

How to fix a Kohler Pro Series engine?

1. Add Kohler PRO Series fuel treatment or equivalent to fuel tank. Run engine 2-3 minutes to get stabilized fuel into fuel system (failures due to untreated fuel are not warrantable). 2. Change oil while engine is still warm from operation. Remove spark plug(s) and pour about 1 oz. of engine oil into cylinder(s).

How does service work on a Kohler command?

All service relating to the the regulator is preset at the factory to provide the lock-off/filter is to be performed by an authorized Kohler proper supply of fuel. No adjustment or resetting of Engine Service Dealer or qualified LP personnel only. For example, a starting problem could be caused by an empty fuel tank.

What are the instructions for a Kohler lawn mower reassembly?

Reassembly Instructions This manual covers Kohler K482, k532, k582, k662 series small engines. Section 1. Operating Instructions Section 2. Lubrication Section 3. Air Intake Section 4. Fuel System Section 5. Governor Section 6. Ignition Systems Section 7. Electrical System Section 8. Engine – General Services Section 9. Inspection and Disassembly