What year was Lauren Daigle a contestant on American Idol?

What year was Lauren Daigle a contestant on American Idol?

Her first appearance on the show came when she was 18 in 2010 (Season 9), when she missed out to the top 24. She then tried out the following year and did not make it to Hollywood. Her third time as a contestant was in 2012, when she was cut from the show in the Las Vegas round.

What place was Lauren Daigle on American Idol?

According to JustJared, Lauren first appeared on American Idol back in 2010′s season nine. However, the contestant couldn’t last and make it, to higher rounds. She was cut from the competition right before the Top 24 round.

Why did Wyatt Pike leave Idol?

In early April, host Ryan Seacrest shared that Wyatt had to drop out of the competition. Later on, ABC and the former contestant both confirmed that he left for “personal reasons.” Despite his abrupt departure, Wyatt surprised fans just days later with some big news.

When did Lauren Daigle come back to American Idol?

Singer returns on ABC Fans are still reeling over Monday night, April 19’s episode of American Idol featuring Lauren Daigle. But what season was Lauren on American Idol? Grammy-winning singer and ex-American Idol contestant Lauren was back on the hit reality show on Monday night.

Who was singing you Say on American Idol?

Grammy-winning artist Lauren Daigle joins Just Sam for a beautiful performance of ‘You Say’ on the American Idol season finale. Lauren originally released this powerful song in 2018 and it quickly became a smash hit in both the Christian and secular music scene.

Who was the first American Idol contestant to win a Grammy?

Those contestants were not the only former Idol alums to return to the show, with Grammy-winning singer Lauren Daigle also performing as a musical guest. © Fox Lauren Daigle first auditioned for ‘American Idol’ in its ninth season.

What did Lauren Alaina win on American Idol?

While her American Idol dream never panned out, Lauren certainly found her path and a very successful career in the music industry. Today, she is stepping back on the American Idol stage for a special performance of ‘You Say’ with finalist, and ultimate winner, Just Sam.