What socket is AMD Bulldozer?

What socket is AMD Bulldozer?

Socket AM3+
Bulldozer (microarchitecture)

General information
Socket(s) Socket AM3+
Products, models, variants
Core name(s) AMD FX Opteron

Which processor is compatible with the FM1 socket?

Socket FM1 is a CPU socket for desktop computers used by AMD early A-series APUs (“Llano”) processors and Llano-derived Athlon II processors. It was released in July 2011. Its direct successors are Socket FM2 (September 2012) and Socket FM2+ (January 2014), while Socket AM1 (January 2014) is targeting low-power SoCs.

Is FM2 socket compatible with FM1?

The FM2 package sports 904 pins whilst the FM1 package has 1 more at 905 pins. It means that FM1 and FM2 are completely incompatible, and won’t allow you to run today’s A-Series APUs in the FM1 package on future socket AM2 boards, nor will you be able to run future FM2-based CPUs on today’s FM1 motherboards.

Which of the following AMD sockets are used with AMD Piledriver and Bulldozer processors?

AMD Piledriver Family 15h is a microarchitecture developed by AMD as the second-generation successor to Bulldozer….Piledriver (microarchitecture)

General information
Instruction set AMD64 (x86-64)
Physical specifications
Socket(s) Socket AM3+ Socket FM2 Socket FS1 Socket FP2 (μBGA-827)
Products, models, variants

When was Socket FM1 replaced by Socket FM2?

FM1 has 905 pins in a 31-by-31 grid and uses a PGA socket similar to those used by previous AMD processors. Socket FM1 supports DDR3 memory. It was replaced by Socket FM2. Socket FM1 was introduced by AMD in September 2012 for use by its Trinity series of APUs. These include the Ax-5xxx series APUs.

When did the AMD Bulldozer processors come out?

Bulldozer (microarchitecture) The AMD Bulldozer Family 15h is a microprocessor microarchitecture for the FX and Opteron line of processors, developed by AMD for the desktop and server markets. Bulldozer is the codename for this family of microarchitectures. It was released on October 12, 2011, as the successor to the K10 microarchitecture.

Is the FM1 socket compatible with AMD APUs?

Socket FM1 motherboards are compatible with the following AMD APUs and CPUs: Llano (K10) E2-3200 A4-3300, A4-3400, A4-3420

Is the AMD FM1 chipset compatible with FM2?

This makes FM1 and FM2 clearly incompatible. Neither will you be able to use today’s A-Series APUs in the FM1 package on future socket FM2 motherboards, nor will you be able to run future FM2 APUs on today’s FM1 motherboards. Yet, AMD will port the A75 FCH chipset to the next-generation “Virgo” platform.