What kind of wood is a barrel hot tub made of?

What kind of wood is a barrel hot tub made of?

We design our wooden barrel hot tubs from Forest Lumber & Cooperage to complement and enhance any landscape or location. Made from the finest handpicked Red Cedar, superior artisans construct our barrel hot tubs. These wood hot tubs are renowned for their durability and comfort, and are easy to maintain.

Where can I buy a wooden hot tub?

Hot Barrel is selling high-quality wooden garden products and accessories, with a wide range of garden products: grill cabins, garden pavilions, sauna barrels and cabins, hot tubs, camping products and other. We have customers from Norway, Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Denmark and other countries are enjoying our products.

When did they start making wooden hot tubs?

Home of the wooden barrel hot tub, we have been manufacturing & installing wooden hot tubs & saunas, using only the finest timbers across Europe since 2002.

Which is the best material for a barrel sauna?

Western red cedar has prime insulating qualities, which makes our hot tubs and barrel saunas very economical to heat Its pleasing odour is repellent to moths, insects and vermin And of course it is very beautiful to look at. So if you are looking for the best material possible, western red cedar is the answer.

How big is a round barrel hot tub?

Round soaking tubs are 4 ft in diameter and either 3 ft high (32” deep) , 3.5 ft high (38″ deep) or 4 ft high (44” deep). 4 ft = 330 gallons. Each round tub will come with a 3-sided bench and accommodate two people, or three with a squish.

Is there a foot bath barrel on Amazon?

Foot Bath Barrel, Wooden Foot Basin, Foot Soaking & Massage Bucket Foot Fumigation Barrel Foot Soaking Bath Tub, Durable Practical Cedar Wooden Foot Basin for Foot Washing Spa Soak Tubfoot Care. . Only 6 left in stock – order soon.

How much does a wood bathtub cost?

Wood holds the heat longer than other tub material. Unfinished wood tubs must be used regularly or kept partially filled with a bit of water to prevent them from drying out and warping or shrinking. Wooden bathtub made of solid larch – for sale on etsy for $5,280. This one is a bit more reasonable and sells on Amazon for $1549.