What is Turbo cleave comp?

What is Turbo cleave comp?

Discussion. Super popular on the ladder, Enhancement/Arms/Healer boasts strong continuous pressure and frequent kill windows with short offensive cooldowns, while being quite resilient due to innate tankiness (arms) or off-heals (enhancement).

Is Turbo cleave good in TBC?

Turbo is by far the best melee cleave comp. Enha/war/rdruid that is. Ret/war/rsham is not as good, but can be played to glad by exceptional players if the glad cutoff is large enough. I’ve played tbc privates for a couple of years and i’ve never seen either a rogue/war/rdruid or a ret/war/rsham on the top 20 teams.

What is Turbo in arena?

“Turbo” is the name for Enh Shaman, Arms Warrior, Hpal… Because between bloodlust, bladestorm, and ascend… gotta go fast. RMP is Rogue Mage Priest.

What is God comp?

7y. ‘God Comp’ was coined for Shadow Priest, Frost Mage, and Resto Druid. This comp was pretty much unkillable at the start of the mop season, due to shadow healing as much as a normal healer and having dispersion and lifeswap to survive.

Do you get gibed by Warr in Turbo cleave?

Works most the time, only problems is like most games against a warr team, Enh can randomly get gibed by there warr. Turbo cleave w. Rdruid -Same but Rdruid is easier to cc for your Hpal. Kitty cleave w.

Which is better turbo cleave or turbo Comp?

The nice thing (or not nice, depending on your perspective) is that turbo cleave is somewhat chaotic and random. That’s where its strength comes from – that your opponents, including other turbo comps, don’t really know what to expect.

Is there a turbo cleave w.rdruid?

Turbo cleave w. Rdruid -Same but Rdruid is easier to cc for your Hpal. Kitty cleave w. Hpal -Extremely hard team to kill if they are good. We normally ride the kitty to get his PS, but being the Enh is going to be there kill target your going to be stunned for days and cant purge. The kitty is going to have bubble.

Is the Turbo cleave good for shaman DPS?

-This cleave is really strong as it forces cds and adds a lot of pressure quickly. -Shaman dps in my opinion is decent but not mind blowing. People that wonder why there damage isn’t insane, well its not going to be. If you have a lot of up time you will do really good damage, but that’s not your soul purpose.