What is the theme of Tuwaang attends the wedding?

What is the theme of Tuwaang attends the wedding?

The story is all about jealousy and love. in love. -When Tuwaang and the groom get fight and Tuwaang ends up marrying the bride.

What are the characters in Tuwaang attends a wedding?


  • TUWAANG- main character.
  • YOUNG MAN OF SAKADNA- the groom.
  • MAIDEN OF MONAWON- the bride.
  • GUNGUTAN- tuwaang’s bird companion.
  • TUWAHA- God of underworld.

Who is the creator of Tuwaang attends a wedding?

E Arsenio Manuel
Tuwaang attends a wedding : the second song of the Manuvu’ ethnoepic Tuwaang

Author: E Arsenio Manuel; Saddani Pagayaw
Publisher: Quezon City : Ateneo de Manila University Press, ©1975.
Edition/Format: Print book : EnglishView all editions and formats
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Who helped Tuwaang in overcoming his foe?

Trees get bent and topple. Tuwaang sinks into the Underworld. There he talks to Tuhawa’, god of the Underworld, who tells him the secret to overcoming his enemy.

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How did Tuwaang help the groom at his wedding?

Tuwaang came to the quick rescue. With his mysterious breath, he produced a gold flute, guitar and gong. The beautiful bride came out of her room and started offering a bowl containing nganga to every guest. Then she sat beside Tuwaang that put the groom in a very fembarrassing situation. The groom felt insulted and degraded.

What was the message from the wind to Tuwaang?

Tuwaang Summary Tuwaang received a message of invitation from the wind saying that he should attend the long waited wedding of the Dalaga ng Monawon. Don’t go, Tuwaang, his aunt warned him. I feel that something wrong is going to happen to you there. Don’t worry, tiyang. I can take care of myself! he said firmly, determined to go.

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