What is the price of ram Darbar Coin?

What is the price of ram Darbar Coin?


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₹1699 (₹79 ₹100) ₹1520

Who made Ram Darbar coin?

The coins issued by the 12th century Chahamana king Vigraharaja IV can be considered as a precursor of the later Ramatankas. The earliest extant mention of the Rama-tankas can be found in the Dravya-Pariksha (1318) of Thakkar Pheru, a mint-master of the Delhi Sultanate.

What is Ramdarbar?

Hanuman Ram Darbar, A Hindu and Holy Religious Auspicious Gathering of Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman with Lord Hanuman Worshiping, Hindu Religious Poster with Frame for Hindu Religious and Gift Purpose.

How much is a ram darbar coin worth?

Very Rare and Antique Coin of Ram Darbar 1740. It’s very lucky coin for business person. Original Antique Ram Darbar Coin. Also Other Antique Coins available, please contact us with your requirements. RAM DARBAR THE RARE COIN OF 1740, VALUE IS 2.5 Cr.

How much is a ram darbar Tanka worth?

Approximate value – You can find modern reproductions of these coins at many places on the Internet (do a search on ‘ram darbar’ or ‘ram tanka’) and at a few coin dealers. For example, JoelsCoins.com sells modern reproductions for a few US dollars. In contrast, genuine ancient tankas can be worth hundreds of dollars.

Who are the old coin dealers in Delhi?

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Which is the most rare coin in India?

Very Rare 1740 Ram Darbar Token Coin. It is a very rare coin with very good condition. This Token is used for entering in Indian temple and it’s a good symbol for