What is the difference between Farm and Fleet and Fleet Farm?

What is the difference between Farm and Fleet and Fleet Farm?

Q: What is the difference between Blain’s Farm and Fleet and Mills Fleet Farm? A: Blain’s Farm and Fleet and Mills Fleet Farm are two different companies. There never has been any business or family connection between them.

Where is Blain’s Farm & Fleet from?

Janesville, Wisconsin
Blain’s Farm & Fleet is a regional chain of 44 retail stores in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Michigan….Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Type Family owned
Founded 1955 by brothers W.C. (Claude) Blain and N.B. (Bert) Blain
Headquarters Janesville, Wisconsin, United States

Who is the owner of Fleet Farm and Fleet Farm?

The word “fleet” in all these store names refers to the collective machinery needed to run a farm (or home or whatever). Keeping this in consideration, who owns Farm and Fleet and Fleet Farm? The business is family-owned, privately held corporation run by President and CEO Jane Blain Gilbertson since her brother, Robert Blain, retired in 2014.

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What’s the difference between Blain’s farm and fleet?

Although Blain’s and Quality both share the “Farm & Fleet” phrase in their title, they are separate stores. Blain’s Farm & Fleet was founded in 1955, which was seven years before Quality Farm & Fleet. It also must be made clear that Quality Farm & Fleet closed 153 stores across 10 different states in 2002.