What is the correct way to hang a Christmas stocking?

What is the correct way to hang a Christmas stocking?

You can achieve this look in a couple of ways: either using self-adhesive hooks or wall hooks that screw into the wood handrail or by using decorative ribbon or ties to hang the stockings. Add in string lights, ornaments and/or garland to the railing for a little extra holiday cheer.

How can I hang Christmas stockings without a mantle?

There are several other creative ways to hang your stockings without a fireplace in your apartment where Santa can still easily find them.

  1. Stocking holder.
  2. Curtain rod.
  3. Wooden ladder.
  4. String.
  5. Knobs of a drawer or cabinets.
  6. Bedpost or bed frame.
  7. Bookcase.
  8. Stair rail.

How do you hang stockings with Command hooks?


  1. Attach Command™ Forever Classic Brushed Nickel Large Metal Hook.
  2. Wait one hour, then hang stockings.

Are there any easy ways to hang stockings?

Two, yes, just two Christmas stocking holders suspending a standard curtain rod for hanging multiple stockings. It doesn’t get much easier (or cheaper) than that and looks great too!!! great idea I keep getting: ‘So what are your stockings hanging from?’ ‘Are those hooks custom made?’ ‘How do you hang so many stockings?’

What to put on top of Christmas stockings?

Start by adding some holiday greenery, with or without lights, and other decor. You can gently lay the garland around flameless candles on the top of the shelf, or you can use adhesive hooks around the perimeter of the shelf to attach your greenery.

Where to hang Christmas stockings at Home Depot?

While pianos aren’t the most popular choice, they make a great place to set out Christmas stockings. Scatter a few across the piano, hang them from the top or set them across the keys for a truly cheerful look. The Home Depot is your DIY headquarters.

Do you need Mantel to hang Christmas stockings?

Okay, so you have TONS of tutorials for Christmas stockings that you could tackle between now and Christmas, but you don’t have a mantel on which to hang them. Not to worry! Santa doesn’t really care where the stockings are hung (he has an uncanny ability to find them wherever they are).