What is the Center for Social Innovation?

What is the Center for Social Innovation?

The Center for Social Innovation provides a credible research voice that spurs civic leadership and policy innovation. Its reputation is built on the key pillars of social science, strategic policy awareness, innovation mindsets, and deep community partnerships.

What is social innovation Canada?

About social innovation and social finance Social innovation is about developing new solutions to social or economic challenges. It creates opportunities for investors to finance projects that benefit society and for community organizations to access new sources of funds.

Is center for social Innovation a nonprofit?

Pillar Nonprofit Network engaged CSI to support the development of a coworking space for London, Ontario. Working from our models and best practices, the project was propelled forward. The CSI Institute is a registered charity helping Canadians use social innovation to get at the root causes of systems-level problems.

What is an example of social innovation?

Relatively new examples of social innovations include: LINUX software and other open source methods, Amnesty International that meant the growth of human rights, Greenpeace and other ecological movements which gave the citizens the opportunity to engage directly in social change.

How does the centre for social innovation work?

Members of the Centre for Social Innovation work across sectors to create a better world. We accelerate their success and amplify their impact through the power of coworking, community and collaboration.

Why is Si Canada important to social innovation?

SI Canada wants to ensure the social innovation community has the information and assets they need to implement systems of social innovation and social finance. We create the conditions for social innovators to build multi-sectoral collaborations, test and experiment with new ideas, pool resources, and attract new donors and investors.

Which is the best place to be a social innovator?

CSI aspires to be the best place on earth to be a social innovator. Period. We offer coworking, community and acceleration services to people who are changing the world. Members get special rates on meeting and event spaces, promotional opportunities, networking and community, free consultations with experts, access to capital, and much more.

What does the Social Innovation Summit stand for?

Ready, Set, Innovate. The Social Innovation Summit is an annual event that represents a global convening of black swans and wayward thinkers. Where most bring together luminaries to explore the next big idea, we bring together those hungry not just to talk about the next big thing, but to build it.