What is Stalosan F?

What is Stalosan F?

Stalosan F is the only EPA-registered dry germicide. Its multi-action disinfecting power provides long-acting protection, killing harmful pathogens for up to a full week.

How do you use Stalosan F?

Apply 50g of Stalosan F per square metre, once weekly.

What is Stalosan f used for?

Stalosan F is designed to uniquely meet the hygiene needs of the modern poultry industry. It kills a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and flies. Stalosan F also plays an important role in your birds’ environment as a litter conditioner.

How do you disinfect chicken runs?

Mix equal parts vinegar and water to create a cleaning solution and mop up the area for an all-natural cleaning. Take a hand brush or thick-bristled broom and scrub the floors and walls to free any remaining droppings, stains, dirt, or debris. Rinse once more.

What kind of disinfectant is stalosan F?

Stalosan F ® is a broad-spectrum dry disinfectant in the form of a pink powder, similar to the consistence of talcum powder. The existing composition of Stalosn F ® is based on synergism, where two or more ingredients reinforce each others effect. The result is an effective and unique product without side effects.

Is it safe to use stalosan F in the presence of animals?

Stalosan ® F is the only EPA-registered dry germicide that’s safe to use in the presence of animals and humans. Its all-natural formulation is tough on germs, eliminating pathogens for up to a full week. Its high concentration of antimicrobial mineral acids helps:

Which is the best formula for stalosan F?

Stalosan ® F: 1 Kills bacteria and pathogens on contact; its concentrated formula contains more than 95% active ingredients for an… 2 Absorbs up to 400% of its weight, meaning it isn’t slippery when wet 3 Uses fine dust particles to maximize surface contact, increase effectiveness and optimize dispersion for complete… More

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