What is spalted maple veneer?

What is spalted maple veneer?

Wormy Maple Rustic Veneer is caused by an infestation of the ambrosia beetle and will exhibit a streaked appearance. It is a very pretty rustic veneer that can give your project a unique look. Wormy Maple is also known as Spalted Maple, Ambrosia, and Ghost Maple.

Is spalted maple expensive?

It’s hard to find really big pieces of the spalted because a lot of times it only runs a couple of feet on the ends of the boards. Retail prices for 4/4 spalted maple were quoted at $7.50 to $9/bf, though price is often dictated by the amount of figure.

Is spalted maple hard or soft?

Spalted maple can be found in either hard maple or soft maple – the spalt will occur in either species.

What is spalted maple good for?

As you can see, spalted maple can provide some truly stunning patterns and textures. High contrast between the spalting and normal grain can give a guitar a more dynamic three dimensional look. Being a difficult wood to find, spalted maple always makes for a unique and coveted instrument.

What, exactly, is spalted Maple?

Spalted maple is just ordinary maple that’s partly rotten. After the wood is cut, different colonies of stain, mold and decay fungi attack it and establish boundaries to preserve their turf. That’s what those black lines are-borders between warring tribes. They don’t follow any regular pattern, such as the tree’s growth rings.

What causes spalted wood?

In the decorative wood market, spalted wood is in high demand. Spalting is caused by certain white-rot decay fungi growing in woodŠprimarily hardwoods such as maple, birch , and beech.

What is spalted lumber?

Simply put, spalted wood is wood that is colored with the help of fungi through a process known as spalting. Wood that is spalted is so sought after by woodworkers because it has such a distinct look, with conflicting dark and light colors as well as black and brown lines running through the wood.