What is RTE protocol in LoadRunner?

What is RTE protocol in LoadRunner?

An RTE Vuser types character input into a terminal emulator, submits the data to a server, and then waits for the server to respond. Each time a field service representative makes a repair, he accesses the server database by modem using a terminal emulator. …

How do you record a script in LoadRunner?

Steps to record LoadRunner script:

  1. Open VuGen on your machine.
  2. Go to the menu bar and click ‘File’ and select ‘New Script and Solution’
  3. A dialogue box named ‘Create a New Script’ will open.
  4. Select ‘Single Protocol’ or ‘Multiple Protocols’ from the Category list shown in the left (Figure 03).

How do you use Textcheck in LoadRunner?

During Recording:

  1. While recording the script, select the text that you want to use as a text check on the web page.
  2. Click the ‘Insert Text Check’ button on the VuGen floating bar. Figure 01: ‘Insert Text Check’ option on the floating bar.
  3. web_reg_find() function containing selected text, will be added in the script.

How do I select a protocol in LoadRunner?

While creating the script when you open the VuGen, click ‘File’ in the main menu bar and select ‘New Script and Solution’ then a pop-up opens showing the list of all the protocols. Under the ‘Category’ section, you can see the below options (Figure 01): Single Protocol. Multiple Protocol.

How to record RTE scripts-RTE protocol in Load Runner?

This procedure differs from a Open an existing RTE Vuser script, or create a new one. statements. begin recording. d Click the Start Record button. The PowerTerm main window opens. Terminal Setup dialog box. types, and then click OK. workstation. g Select Communication > Connect to display the Connect dialog box.

How does RTE protocol work in SQL Server?

· The RTE protocol works like when you are sending data to server it would send one character by character to DB. so when you are increasing the Load the Database can take at one time one character for each user. so give more te wait time and increase the load gradually instead of simultaneous users.

What kind of emulator does LoadRunner use for RTE?

LoadRunner uses PowerTerm as a terminal emulator for emulating RTE session. PowerTerm works like a standard terminal emulator, supporting common protocols such as IBM 3270 & 5250, VT100 and VT220. VuGen records the terminal setup and connection procedure into the script.

How does the RTE protocol work for VUsers?

RTE Vusers operate terminal emulators in order to load test client/server systems. The RTE protocol works like when you are sending data to server it would send one character by character to DB. Vugen can be used to record windows based Vuser scripts. VuGen uses the PowerTerm terminal emulator to emulate a wide variety of terminal types.