What is index in PPT?

What is index in PPT?

A PowerPoint index helps you navigate through the presentation. An index in a book helps you to quickly locate the page you’re looking for with the information you want. PowerPoint allows you to use hyperlinks so that text in the presentation can be clicked like a link on a webpage.

How do you explain an index in a presentation?

INDEX According to ISO 999, Index is alphabetically or otherwise ordered arrangement of entries, different from the order of the document or collection indexed designed to enable users to locate information in a document or specific document in a collection.

What are the types of indexing?

Expression-based indexes efficiently evaluate queries with the indexed expression.

  • Unique and non-unique indexes.
  • Clustered and non-clustered indexes.
  • Partitioned and nonpartitioned indexes.
  • Bidirectional indexes.
  • Expression-based indexes.

How to make an index in PowerPoint?

and title it Index. Right-click the main…

  • click the Textbox icon and press the Columns button.
  • and add the slide numbers after…
  • Add Links. Select a slide number written in your index and click Hyperlink on the Insert tab. Choose Place in…
  • How do you add numbers in PowerPoint?

    How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint on a PC Open your PowerPoint presentation in Normal view. Navigate to the first slide in your presentation. Go to Insert and, in the Text group, select Slide Number. In the Header and Footer dialog box, select the Slide tab. In the Include on slide area, place a check next to Slide number.

    How do I create table of contents in PowerPoint?

    To quickly and easily create your table of contents in PowerPoint, you have to first start with a blank PowerPoint slide where your TOC will go. Then, go to the View menu so you can see a simpler version of your presentation through the Outline View. This shows the structure of your whole presentation on a sidebar from beginning to end.

    What is blank in PowerPoint?

    A blank presentation has a white background and black text without any additional design elements. By default, the presentation only contains a title slide. You can click on the text boxes and type in your own text. To add a slide, click on the option for a New Slide and select the type of slide you want.