What is glitter injections?

What is glitter injections?

Glitter Injections is a cosmetic company owned by the wonderful Jessica Wong, and OH BOY is it sparkly! Glitter Injections also ships worldwide, making it suitable for EVERYONE.

What does pressed glitter mean?

What is pressed glitter and how is it applied? Pressed glitter is mixed with other ingredients to help create a semi-wet like texture. This texture acts as an adhesive and will apply to your eyes and face without the need of any glitter glue. Pressed glitters can be applied with your finger or a brush.

Is pressed glitter eyeshadow safe?

Ophthalmology on Eye Safety Be careful with metallic, glitter, sparkle powder or other makeup. Flakes can fall into the eye, get into the tear film and irritate your eyes. Glitter eye makeup is a common cause of corneal irritation or infection, especially for people who wear contact lenses.

Is glitter bad for your skin?

“To my knowledge, glitter does not have any medical effect on the skin,” he tells Allure. “Glitter-containing products are likely safe, but as with any new product, if redness, burning, or stinging develops into the product, wash it off immediately, as you may be sensitive to it,” says Tanzi.

Is glitter bad for your eyes?

A piece of glitter in your eye could scratch your cornea. A corneal abrasion is one of the most common eye injuries, causing pain, bloodshot eyes, extreme sensitivity to light, and the sensation that something is in your eye, even if nothing is there.

How do you get glitter to stay on makeup?

“First, spritz an eyeshadow brush with it and dab it onto your eye lid,” says Lijha, who swears by Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix. “Then, pick up glitter with your index finger and press onto area where the spray was applied.” It’ll keep glitter on your eyelids — and from sliding onto the rest of your face.

Is glitter bad for eyes?

Why is pressed glitter not eye safe?

These Pressed Glitters are not meant for use on the eyes because they do have a chunkier formula and could cause irritation or god forbid cuts.

Why is glitter bad for you?

Glitter is made of aluminum and a plastic called PET; it’s been proven that PET can break down to release chemicals that disrupt hormones in the bodies of animals AND humans. These chemicals have been linked to various cancers and neurological diseases if consumed.