What is Fliptop rap battle?

What is Fliptop rap battle?

FlipTop Rap Battle League (Fliptop for short) is the first and largest running professional rap battle conference in the Philippines founded by Alaric Riam Yuson (known as Anygma) in 2010. The league promotes Pinoy hip hop.

Who is the best fliptop rapper?

Here are the Top 10 Fliptop Rap Battle Emcees in the Philippines

  • Bassilyo. Lordivino Ignacio, better known as Bassilyo, is a Filipino rapper.
  • J-Skeelz. The Philippines J-Skeelz also is known as Roberto Boy Paos is a Filipino battle rapper from Tondo, Manila Philippines.
  • Loonie.
  • Smugglaz.
  • Sinio.
  • Shernan.
  • Zaito.
  • BLKD.

What are the common contents in a Fliptop?

Structure of Fliptop revolves on the personal attack (physical attributes), attack on the bars (rapping skills), extension: family members and friends, antithesis, profane words, figurative languages, sexual undertones, anime characters, homosexuality, and famous celebrities involvement.

What kind of rap battle is FlipTop?

What Is Fliptop? Fliptop is a filipino rap battle of insults thown between two people.

How did the FlipTop Battle League come about?

The league promotes Pinoy hip hop. FlipTop is heavily influenced by the original rap battle leagues in the West founded in 2008 – Grind Time Now (US), King of the Dot (Canada) and Don’t Flop (UK), which inspired the creation of FlipTop and other battle leagues around the world. The league also branched out into several divisions after its success.

How is the winner of FlipTop Battle determined?

Filipino language is the primary medium although other languages or dialects can be used. Choking in any rounds increase the chance of losing the battle. The winner is determined by the decision of the judges.

What are the different battle formats on FlipTop?

The emcees appearances on the matches depends on their availability. FlipTop has three different battle formats which sometimes combined with Freestyle: Written – This format allows use of written lyrics along with freestyle and is now the standard format used in battles.