What is DDI training?

What is DDI training?

DDI (Development Dimensions International) is an international consulting firm that provides training courses for companies in various leadership development areas such as: Interactive Management. Business Impact Leadership. Targeted Selection.

What does DDI assessment stand for?

Leadership Development & Assessment
Leadership Development & Assessment | DDI.

How do I prepare for DDI assessment?

The DDI assessment tips may be of some value to anyone invited to take a DDI test:

  1. Study Guide Purchase/look up online.
  2. Online Forums – Speak to persons who have sat for the tests before.
  3. Practice Tests – Review practice questions and answers, comparing the prescribed answers with your own answers.

What is a DDI certified facilitator?

Earners of the Facilitator Certification Process Workshop badge have demonstrated the competencies required to become an expert facilitator. Certified facilitators have developed and honed facilitation skills and are strong talent advocates in their organization.

What do you need to know about DDI training?

DDi is a passionate and customer orientated company that offers a wide range of Occupational Health & Safety training courses and services. At DDi we strive to provide quality & relatable training that provokes critical thinking and awareness.

What makes DDI the best place to learn leadership?

At DDI, we build everything based on science. Our leadership courses are deeply rooted in psychology, and focused on delivering measurable change in your leaders. With deep experience in virtual classroom and microlearning options to build blended learning journeys, you can engage your leaders no matter where they work and how they want to learn.

How long does it take to get DDI Facilitator Certification?

In just three days, DDI’s Facilitator Certification Process (FCP) certifies that your facilitators have what it takes to deliver any course from DDI’s Interaction Management, the world’s most proven frontline leadership development program.

What does DDI virtual classroom do for leaders?

DDI’s virtual classroom creates an engaging live digital experience where leaders connect with each other for deep learning. Our story is about more than a program. It’s about leadership excellence, and this is part of our journey to get there.