What is an anti palindrome?

What is an anti palindrome?

You are given a string S containing only lowercase alphabets. You can swap two adjacent characters any number of times (including 0). A string is called anti-palindrome if it is not a palindrome. If it is possible to make a string anti-palindrome, then find the lexicographically smallest anti-palindrome.

Is 110 a palindromic number?

110 is NOT a palindrome number, so we proceed with reversing and addition again. 110 reversed is 011, which is actually 11.

What is a palindrome of 89?

Two other numbers which are known to require many additions are 89 and 98. They each require twenty-four additions before a palindrome is reached. The 13-digit number 8,813,200,023,188 is the palindrome which results for both 89 and 98.

Is a palindrome regular language?

Since DFA doesn’t have memory so it wont be possible to make a DFA for this, but xR = 0^n1^n and L=x. xR that is 1^n0^n. 0^n1^n is still palindrome but not a regular language. So we can say palindromes are not regular.

Which is an example of a palindrome word?

A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or sequence of words that reads the same backwards as forwards.

Is there a CFG for all non palindromes?

CFG for the language of all non- Palindromes. We are testing with some of the strings, you can try it on more strings. Strings of length 3: {001, 011, 100, no more strings }

Can a palindrome be read backwards or forwards?

There, instead of each character matching, the whole sentence can be read backward and forwards. The individual letters don’t match, but the whole words do. Palindromes aren’t just a word game. They are also found in numbers and are studied in recreational mathematics.

How to prove that palindromes are not regular strings?

Mr. Pumping Lemma gives you a constant p > 0, and claims that all palindromes of length p or greater have a pumpable part near the beginning. You pick some single palindrome x whose length is at least p. You say “This string x has length p or greater, and does not have a pumpable part near the beginning.”