What is a Washington state services card?

What is a Washington state services card?

Your Services Card is a permanent card that is activated while you are eligible for Apple Health. The card only includes your name and identification number. You may also need to show a picture identification (ID) or provide other information to prevent unauthorized use of the card.

Where do I get Medicaid card?

Contact your state Medicaid agency. They can help you get replacement cards and answer your questions about what services are covered, providers to use, and how to renew your eligibility.

How do you check if your Medicaid is active?

Contact your local or state Medicaid office in order to verify the status of your Medicaid coverage. If you have your Medicaid card, this number is typically listed on the back of the card. If you do not have your card, you may use the number used in Step 2 to verify your Medicaid status.

Where can I use my Washington State Food worker card?

You can use your valid Washington State food worker card anywhere in Washington. If you move or get another job in a different county, your food worker card goes with you. Can I use a card I got in another state?

Is there a renewal card for Washington State?

Yes, renewal cards are valid for 3 years from the issue date. You can get a renewal card if you take a food worker training class and pass the Washington State exam. Is there a renewal card for people who have extra training? Yes.

How much does it cost to reprint a Washington State ID card?

You can reprint a card for free up to 30 days after completing the test. After 30 days, there may be a charge to print your card. Check with your local health department for the fee amount. Why does it cost $10? The $10 fee is a state regulation, Washington Administrative Code 246-217-025.

How do I replace my food worker card?

You will need to enter your registration information and answer your security question exactly as you entered it when you were a new user. Choose “Replace My Valid Food Worker Card.” A payment may be required. If you got your card at an in-person class, contact your local health department to see how to get a replacement.