What is a premium name?

What is a premium name?

The first one refers to any memorable domain name with high marketing value that is already owned by an individual or a company. Voice.com, for example, was registered in 2001 and was sold for $30 million in 2019. The name is short, easy to remember and has a high value, thus it is considered to be a premium name.

Who owns premium domain?

Unlike typical domains, premium domains have already been registered, so they’re actually being re-sold. Some are owned by registrars themselves, while others are owned by domainers and business-savvy people who list them at domain marketplaces such as SedoMLS or Afternic.

How do you buy a premium domain name?

To register a premium domain name, you will first have to locate the owner and negotiate a selling price. Once you agree upon a price, you need to transfer the domain name so you can link it to your web hosting platform. However, this is not an easy process without assistance.

Who is BrandBucket?

BrandBucket is a curated marketplace offering a unique selection of quality, hand-picked, premium domain names for sale as ready-to-use brands. Founded in 2007 by serial entrepreneurs who repeatedly ran into the same painful cycle: 1) It was hard to focus on work without a good name.


Is a premium domain name worth the cost?

Some don’t think the purchase is worth the cost but the benefits of buying your premium domain name for your brand are huge. Having a premium domain name will help consumers find you more easily, will be a trusted entity due to the premium name, and will save you the money you’d be spending on advertising to promote your brand. Having a premium domain name will also increase your ranking on search engines.

Should you buy a premium domain name?

Why should I buy Premium Domains? Premium domain names come with a lot of advantages. When you buy something that has already been on the internet, you buy its heritage. Its brand, its SEO advantage, its reputation, the direct traffic it attracts, and the trust users have on it. Not just that, there’s more to it.

What makes a domain name “Premium”?

A domain becomes premium when someone believes that a particular domain name is more valuable than the average domain. Domains are considered premium for a large number of reasons including length, keywords and brandability.