What is a PCB fault on a boiler?

What is a PCB fault on a boiler?

The PCB essentially has negative feedback loops, this means that if any fault is detected e.g. a fan not working or a blocked condensate pipe, the boiler will stop working and display an error code. This mechanism ensures damage to the boiler is limited and that safety is prioritised.

Can I replace boiler PCB?

PCB’s are one of the most expensive components to fix in a boiler. Costs will vary from one make and model to another, but typically you can expect to pay at least £500 to replace a PCB.

Why is my Potterton boiler flashing green?

When there is a call for heat the Status LED will flash Green and after several seconds the burner will light automatically. The Status LED will show continuous Green whilst water is being heated. If the Status LED is showing continuous or flashing Red the boiler will need resetting.

Are there any problems with the Potterton boiler?

#1 Problem: Low Boiler Pressure (E119 Fault Code) Low boiler pressure is a very common Potterton boiler problem that occurs in all boilers and not just the Potterton models. If your Potterton boilers pressures drop too low, it will stop working and display the E119 error code.

What’s the problem with the Potterton Interpart PCB?

That left us with the PCB (the printed circuit board). We fitted a new, genuine Potterton Interpart PCB (part No. 407677) but still had the same problem with the fan cycling. Besides the fan and APS, many other components interact with the PCB, including the overheat thermostat (limit stat) and the main boiler stat.

What is the E20 fault code on a Potterton boiler?

The E20 fault code on Potterton boilers, relates to an NTC thermistor issue in your appliance. It’s these thermistors that monitor the flow and return temperature of the water in your heating system, as well as water supplying taps and showers.

How old is the air pressure switch on a Potterton boiler?

Thanks @BoredSeb, the boiler is 13 years old and the engineer replaced it with a new board. flashing red can mean the air pressure switch is duff, try getting someone that can actually test stuff before replacing.