What is a HVAC zone controller?

What is a HVAC zone controller?

An HVAC zoning system (also referred to as “zoned HVAC”) is a heating and cooling system that uses dampers in the ductwork to regulate and redirect air to specific areas of the home. This allows for the creation of customized temperature zones throughout the home for increased comfort and efficiency.

What does a zone controller do?

A zone control system uses thermostats to connect to a central control panel to open and shut dampers distributed throughout your ductwork, thus blocking or releasing hot or cold air. You set the temperature for each zone via each thermostat, and the zone control system does the rest of the work for you.

Where are HVAC controls required?

Where are HVAC controls required? The HVAC control system is typically distributed across three areas: 1) The HVAC equipment and their controls located in the main mechanical room. Equipment includes chillers, boiler, hot water generator, heat exchangers, pumps etc.

Which is the best zone control system for HVAC?

SmartZone also makes it possible to reduce wasted energy used heating or cooling rooms that are not used. Click the button below to learn more about how zone control works. ZoningSupply.com is your source for HVAC zone dampers, forced-air zone controls & HVAC zoning control system accessories.

How does a dual zone HVAC system work?

If the thermostat from a particular zone calls for heating or air conditioning, the dampers in that zone will open to allow the air to flow into that area. The dampers in the rest of the home remain closed.

How does a zoned heating and cooling system work?

When you implement zoning in your house, you help in extending the equipment life of your HVAC system. Zoning reduces the load on the A/C compressor and air handler, thus resulting in less wear and tear. This will contribute to the longer life of the heating and cooling system.

How does zone control work in a home?

Zoning allows you to precisely control the temperature in every room or (zone) of your home. How? By placing a thermostat in every room and an automatic damper in the duct controlling airflow to that room. 2.