What happens in Home Sweet Hell?

What happens in Home Sweet Hell?

Murphy and Benji arrive and find Freeman and his girlfriend dead. After her death, Don and his children move to a new house and are seen in the driveway getting into a new car and driving away. The movie ends with Murphy going after their car. The screen turns black and the end credits roll.

When was Home Sweet Hell made?

13 March 2015 (USA)
Home Sweet Hell/Release date

Is the movie Home Sweet Hell on Netflix?

Sorry, Home Sweet Hell is not available on American Netflix.

Who are the main characters in Home Sweet Hell?

Don Champagne seems to live the American Dream; he has a successful family business selling furniture; he lives in a comfortable house in the suburbs; he has the perfect wife Mona Champagne and the perfect children Allison and Andrew. However Mona is a cold woman that schedules the days that Don may have sex with her.

What happens in the movie Home Sweet Hell?

A woman walks into her house only wearing her bra and underwear and covered in blood. A man threatens to rape an entire family, including the children. A woman digs up a dismembered corpse, then later puts the body parts in a freezer. A woman stabs a man with a knife and then impales a woman with a sword.

Who is Jordana Brewster in Home Sweet Hell?

Don Champagne seems to have it all: a successful business, a perfect house, perfect kids and a perfect wife. Unfortunately, when his wife, Mona (Katherine Heigl), learns of Don’s affair with a pretty new salesgirl (Jordana Brewster), this suburban slice of heaven spirals out of control.

Who is Dusty in the movie Home Sweet Hell?

His wife Mona ( Katherine Heigl) has everything planned according to the book of her goals. One day an attractive young woman named Dusty ( Jordana Brewster) applies for the job as saleswoman at Dons store. After consulting with his partner Les ( Jim Belushi) Don hires Dusty. Don is desperate because of his poor sex life with his wife.